International Commission on Couple and Family Relations

Conference 2016: Trento, Italy



The 2016 ICCFR conference was held in Trento, Italy:

1719 June 2016

under the patronage of the Autonomous Province of Trento


Current society is characterized by a great emphasis on individuality, whereas the well-being of all receives less consideration. Thus, the idea of family as a fundamental social unit to be preserved is often overshadowed. The result is a society made by individuals engaged in a lonely struggle, isolated subjectivities trying to fulfil their tasks without adequate equipment. Even the institutional policies are often addressed mainly to individuals, thus failing to give the appropriate consideration to the family relationships that could support them.

The Conference explored the concept of family as a social subject, able to produce human, relational and social capital. A family is seen as the main place of solidarity and ‘humanisation’ of the person as well as society, a real resource for generating the common good.

The speakers examined the topic from the multidisciplinary perspective of the three main axes of concern of ICCFR: Policy, Therapy and Family Law.

The Conference was organised around three distinct methodological events:

  • plenary sessions, where a key speaker proposed a general framework and a dialogue with participants followed;
  • discussion groups, where participants discussed the contents of the previous speeches. This free discussion gave special value to the strong variety of disciplines, professional skills, nations and cultures of the participants;
  • workshops, where many innovative experiences and good practices from various countries were presented and discussed.

See programme for details.

Photos, presentations and documentation from the Conference will follow soon.

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